What we do


We offer a wide variety of milling services ranging from pavement demolition to carbide grinding. We maintain new equipment and constantly outfit our fleet with the latest technology so we remain on the cutting edge of milling services. Look over our services listed below:

  • -Asphalt & Concrete Milling
  • -Asphalt & Concrete Carbide Grinding (micro-grinding to close tolerances)
  • -Excavation By Roto-milling (patching, base repair, widening, and shoulder reconstruction)
  • -Scarification
  • -Pavement Demolition
  • -S.N.A.P. (Rumble Strips) Installation
  • -Clean-Up, Sweeping, Hauling, and Traffic Control

Unmatched Capabilities

Our services are supported by our unmatched expertise in the milling and paving industry. Our modern fleet is capable of milling or grinding full lanes of all sizes. We also go above and beyond using our GPS-enabled fleet. With our vast experience in the industry, no one knows milling like we do.

  • -Full Lane Milling and Grinding with several widths: [11ft 2in, 12ft 2in, and 12ft 6in]
  • -Shoulder Excavations with widths between: [2ft-5ft] and with depths up to [14in]
  • -Rear-Mounted cutting system for hard to access areas.
  • -GPS equipped Milling Machines
  • -25 years of Industry expertise
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