About Donegal Construction

Milling You Can Count On

Having serviced the Eastern Coast for over 37 years, we have established rapport with many interests both commercial and private. With our expertise in milling, we are pre-qualified to work in the greater portion of the eastern states.

We offer a wide variety of milling services ranging from pavement demolition to carbide grinding. We maintain new equipment and constantly outfit our fleet with the latest technology so we remain on the cutting edge of milling services.

Our Mission

Pursue excellence in every aspect of our organization.

Our Pledge

Provide quality transportation and pavement recycling services to our customers, through environmentally safe practices.

We stand above our competitors through our quality of work, flexibility of scheduling, and our eagerness to meet each customer’s specific demands and expectations.

We strive to sustain our position as an industry leader by:

  • Providing our customers with innovative asphalt recycling and transportation services.
  • Developing and empowering our people, so they have the opportunity to reach their fullest potential.
  • Inspiring the trust and respect or our team, our customers, and our partners.
  • Making an ongoing contribution to the well-being of our communities.

Our History

Donegal Construction Corporation has established itself as the leader in the pavement milling industry throughout the Eastern United States.

1989 marked the beginning of Donegal Construction Corporation’s ventures into the pavement milling business through the purchase of five CMI pavement profilers. That purchase alone served notice to contractors in Pennsylvania and neighboring states that Donegal sought to establish itself as a major force in the pavement milling industry. From the onset, Donegal’s mission was to provide their clientele with highly skilled personnel, the latest technical innovations in the milling industry, and a full service operation capable of meeting the client’s needs.

New innovations in the milling technology forced Donegal Construction Corporation to purchase updated milling machines to stay at the forefront of the milling industry. Along with the purchase of newer machines to keep pace with a growing market, Donegal diversified into specialty milling markets such as: carbide grinding, shoulder excavation with variable width cutters, and fine line grading on airport and highway projects. Donegal’s full lane milling capabilities are ideal for projects where pave behind is required.

Donegal also maintains a fleet of utility milling machines capable of performing both transverse and longitudinal joint repair at high rates of production.

Donegal is equipped to grind Sonic Nap Alert Patterns, otherwise known as Shoulder & Centerline rumble strips. The versatility that Donegal Construction has with both its large and small machines is unmatched anywhere else in the industry.


AGC NYS, the New York Associated General Contractors
APC, the Associated Pennsylvania Constructors
CAWP, the Constructors Association of Western Pennsylvania
CAWV, the Contractors Association of West Virginia
NAPA, the National Asphalt Pavement Association
OCA, the Ohio Contractors Association
PAPA, the Pennsylvania Asphalt Pavement Association